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Nightlights for children

Nightlights for children Nightlights for children - 1
Articule: 0267 Price: 702.50 UAH

Nightlights for children by Creative LIGHTS

Manufacturer: Сreative lights Type of wood: Alder

Delivery to:
All Ukraine Kyiv Kyiv (suburb) International DARUNOK OFFICE (Vyshneve) Kharkiv Kherson
  • CHARMINGLY BEAUTIFUL AND COMFORTING! Brings a warm soft glowing to the room and the refined beauty of the clean elegant lines of its design. Easily integrates any kind of interior. The LED lightning creates a silhouette of a cute little animal.
  • NATURAL, SAFE AND ECOFRIENDLY! Made of a solid piece of wood it is safe for your family and the environment. No sharp edges. No artificial smells. Just the pure pleasure of nature. Materials: pine and alder.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASILY TRANSPORTABLE! The nightlight doesn’t need much space and is super light so it can easily migrate the room and the house harmonizing with your needs.
  • ADAPTABLE AND COMPLIABLE! Featuring a build in power adapter and coming with a plug converter it is sure to comply with the power sources at your home and in other parts of the world when on travel. Power supply adapter AC / DC 220-12V. Will work from 100V to 220 V.
  • MULTIPURPOSE! Designed as a nightlight it also can be taken to any part of your house as an additional lightning or a charming piece of decor


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